Top 10 Motorcycle Instagram Accounts to Follow

One of the best things about being a motorcyclist is the riding culture. No matter what kind of rider you are, there’s a place for you — and probably an Instagram account too! 

Check out some of our favorite motorcycling Instagram accounts below, and learn about Ride Vision’s Ride Advisors Network to find out how YOU can become an influential voice in the motorcycling world too.

Top 10 Motorcycle Instagram Accounts to Follow

Bikers of Instagram – @bikersofinstagram (917K Followers)

With the popularity of #bikersofinstagram, it’s no surprise that this is one of the largest motorcycling accounts on the platform. Featured photos include everything from streetfighters and flat trackers to sportbikes and wild customs. Bottom line: if you’re a biker on Instagram you must follow this account!

Bike EXIF – @bikeexif (377K)

If you’re looking for unique cafe racers, bobbers, scramblers, and trackers then you’re in the right place! Bike EXIF features beautiful builds and high-quality images. 

Deimante Meilune – @tomboy_a_bit  (62K)

Deimante is an up and coming influencer in the motorcycling world, and a member of the Ride Vision Ride Advisors Network. Deimante lives and breathes all things motorcycling, and her Instagram and YouTube channels show it by being packed full of motorcycling photos, test rides, trips, shows, builds, tips, and insider’s look into the daily life of this passionate motorcyclist. 

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Gentleman’s Ride – @gentlemansride (421K)

Showcasing the images and stories from an annual worldwide ride dedicated to men’s health. The Gentleman’s ride features some of the fanciest and most fun photos from around the world. 

Harley-Davidson – @harleydavidson (4.9M)

Harley-Davidson is one of the most iconic motorcycle brands on the planet, and it has one of the most iconic Instagram accounts to match! Even if you’ve never ridden a Harley in your life, this account’s beautiful imagery and incredible stories are worth following. 

Cafe Racers of Instagram – @caferacersofinstagram (1M)

Arguably one of the most beautiful motorcycling accounts on Instagram, Cafe Racers of Instagram features “your daily dose of motorcycle inspiration fueled by the moto community.” 

Snowcat – @ytsnowcatxx87 (102K)

Based in Canada, Snowcat features real motorcycling adventures and inspiring photos from around the world. On this channel you’ll be able to view real motorcycling content, reviews, trips, track days, and more. 

Iron and Resin – @ironandresin (191K)

If you’re a fan of motorcycling fashion then this is the account to follow! This lifestyle brand offers a beautiful array of clothing photos and community photos. 

ADV Life Official – @advlifeofficial (62K)

This account features some of the most impressive ADV photos and videos from around the world. Dirt and road riders alike will be amazed by what these riders have done with touring bikes, just don’t try this at home! 

Speedy Donahue – @speedydonahue   (101K)

Much like Deimante Meilune, Speedy Donahue is an up-and-coming motorcycle influencer who is dedicated to the riding lifestyle. His powerful imagery offers a sneak-peak into the real life of a motorcycle photographer in Austin, Texas. 

One of the most fun parts about motorcycling is catching your adventures and memories on film. With Ride Vision’s HD video and crash-prevention system — you’ll never have to worry about missing a moment again. 

Ride Vision’s unique auto-on and smart-charging features mean that it’s ready to go the moment you turn your bike on. You can access the 2-hour continuous loop footage from your Ride Vision app at any time, and the system’s unintrusive collision prevention alerts function tirelessly to get you home safe at the end of every adventure. 

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Motorcycle Insurance — How to Reduce Prices, and Increase Safety

Motorcycle insurance accident

Motorcycle Insurance- stats, gear and costs

Every rider’s number one goal while on the road is to get to their destination safely, whether it’s going to work, heading home, or just having fun. Unfortunately though, safe riding can be both challenging, and expensive. 

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), thousands of motorcycle fatalities occur every year on American roads, and injuries alone range well into the tens of thousands. In Europe, motorcycle injuries and fatalities tell the same story — riding a motorcycle can be a dangerous activity. 

This fact, of course, is a major driver of the motorcycle safety business. Safety-minded riders invest in quality gear, advanced training, and even video systems like GoPros to protect themselves and record their rides (often for potential use in insurance or legal cases). A lot of these products though are designed to protect a rider AFTER a collision, whether physically (in the case of safety gear) or legally with video recordings. 

<<Preventing Forward Collisions: Breaking the myth about motorcycle braking!>>

motorcycle insurance accident ride vision

Motorcycle Insurance Innovation

Riders are also familiar with the significant costs insurance premiums present to them. Young riders, and especially supersport motorcycle riders can end up paying thousands of dollars every year just for standard coverage. 

Now however, there’s a new product on the market to take motorcycling safety one step further: Ride Vision. Ride Vision is a unique Advanced Rider Assistance System (ARAS) that helps prevent accidents before they happen. The system functions via the coordination of two small HD cameras mounted on the rear and front of the vehicle, which transmit footage to Ride Vision’s own computer processing unit (ECU). The ECU then uses Ride Vision’s patented Predictive Vision™ algorithm to detect critical collision threats, and notify the rider of the danger via two unintrusive mirror-mounted LED alerts. 

Ride Vision’s system alerting on safe distance keeping

Unlike a standard GoPro, Ride Vision begins recording the moment the vehicle is turned on. With a smart power supply wired directly to the vehicle’s battery, and 2-hour continuous HD video recording — users have high-definition ride footage at their fingertips at all times via the Ride Vision app. 

Overturned motorcycle and helmet on the street after collision with the car

Reducing Motorcycle Insurance Costs

This can provide extremely useful for motorcycle insurance purposes, as insurance companies worldwide are willing to reduce rates for motorcyclists who invest in safety classes or equipment. The app is uniquely accessible to each rider, and even stores personal ride data like average speed, and number of Ride Vision alerts triggered during a trip. 

A safe rider avoiding an accident

Recently Ride Vision partnered with Sara Assicurazioni, one of Italy’s leading insurers for motorcycles. Through this partnership, riders insured by Sara Assicurazioni are eligible for significant annual discounts on their insurance premiums when they install Ride Vision on their vehicles. The goal of this incentive is to help riders avoid collisions, and also reduce the governmental and insurance costs associated with such tragic events. 

Worldwide the resulting cost of motorcycle collisions, injuries, and fatalities is staggering — and ranges well into the billions of dollars. The economic costs alone include loss of productivity, medical bills, legal and court fees, emergency services, and insurance charges. The most critical cost though is that of a rider’s life, which is why the installation of a collision prevention product like Ride Vision is so crucial.

Coming Soon – Stay Tuned

Interested retail and insurance companies can contact Ride Vision in the form below for inquiries about partnership and resale opportunities. Ride Vision will be available for commercial purchase and distribution beginning October of 2020, sign up below to stay tuned about upcoming product releases and upgrades!

Under the Hood – CAT™ (Collision Aversion Technology) for Motorcycles

Motorcycle ride in traffic

A few weeks ago Alex Tilkin published an article summarizing some of the challenges that Ride Vision is dealing with in order to bring CAT™ – Collision Aversion Technology to motorbikes.

Indeed, the problem that Ride Vision solves is unique and intriguing. Preventing and reducing motorbike accidents demands peculiar approach, specific to the domain of 2-wheelers.

Here, I’d like to show one more challenge that the 2-wheelers impose on the proposed solution. The Threat Analysis challenge. Threat Analysis model at Ride Vision is responsible for understanding the actual threats/hazards imposed on the motorcycles and raise the alerts accordingly.

To demonstrate the challenge, please see below a short footage, recorded by one of the Ride Vision’s systems, representing the dynamic nature of a 2-wheeler maneuvers.

This is quite normal and standard behavior of a motorbike in traffic, but it emphasizes the difference between the cars and the 2-wheelers. The above footage doesn’t contain dangerous situations and hence Ride Vision’s Threat Analysis model, which was built ground up to deal with the unique behaviours of motorcycles, takes into the account much more than the classical methods of analysis, detection and tracking of a motorbike’s surrounding.

Ride Vision’s Threat Analysis learns and deducts patterns of motorcycle behaviors on the road and  constantly blends and fuses all the data points to infer instantly whether any threat can emerge.

In this case the Threat Analysis model won’t raise an alert. This exactly why the power of the Predictive Vision allows Ride Vision to bring its solution to any motorbike. Even a bit extreme examples (like below) can be inferred; Patterns can be learnt and predicted by Ride Vision’s Predictive Vision.