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To sync the data from the Ride Vision unit to your mobile phone, make sure the motorcycle’s switch is turned on and look for a Wi-Fi network that starts with iRide-XXXXX. Once connected, swipe down the main screen and wait for the process to complete before disconnecting and turning the motorcycle’s switch back off. Now the ride data is stored on your mobile phone for offline view.

First you have to sync the latest ride data from your Ride Vision unit. While the Ride Vision unit and your mobile phone are still connected, click on the ride you wish to download and then click on the video. This will start downloading both videos (front and rear) and will take a few minutes, depends on the length of the ride. Make sure your motorcycle is turned on until download is finished and stay close to the motorcycle while video is downloading. Once completed, videos will be available to view via the Ride Vision mobile app.

First, we hope everything is alright and you are safe.

Our product is robust and can handle vibrations both with hardware and software and can sustain up to 75G crash and 8G vibrations for a long duration.

In case your bike cannot start but you need to download an evidence video, simply connect the Ride Vision main unit to a different power supply with similar voltage to start the system again.

In some mobile phone models, mobile data (3G/4G/5G) is still working when connected to a direct Wi-Fi network. In this case, you will need to turn off mobile data on your mobile phone and try to connect again.

To solve this, you can look at the advanced Wi-Fi settings and disable the option to use mobile data when connected to a Direct Wi-Fi.

Other things to try is disabling any VPN or Anti Virus app you may be running and make sure Location Services (GPS) are turned on in your device.

Yes, very soon you will get an update to your mobile app with this feature.. Using the mobile app you can tailor the alerts to fit your riding behavior and preferences. 

Frontal alerts have 3 “sensitivity” levels: High-Medium-Low.

Adjusting your system to “high” means you get alerts farther from vehicles infront of you, while “low” lets you get very close to vehicles before alert turns on. This lets riders choose their riding style while staying safe with Ride Vision.

See video below for details:

Yes you can, when connected to the unit via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, click the ‘Settings’ icon and under Unit Settings menu you will find the  “LED Brightness” settings.

This will not let you turn the LEDs all the way off, but will reduce the intensity of the lights based on time of day.

PLEASE NOTE: reducing LED brightness to “low” can be dangerous, set at your own risk.

By default, Video Recording is to OFF for privacy reasons. To turn it back on, connect to your unit via Bluetooth or WiFi, click the ‘settings’ icon and under Unit Settings menu, tap Video Recording. Simply toggle the recording to ON and you are all set.

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