Ride Vision 1

Avoid accidents before they happen with
comprehensive real-time collision alerts

Avoid Accidents Before They Happen!

Keeps you safe
Get crucial seconds to react to threats on the road and avoid potential collisions

Records your ride
Two unobtrusive wide-angle cameras mounted on the front and rear of your vehicle record your ride and transmit the footage to Ride Vision’s onboard processing unit

Analyzes and alerts
A patented algorithm analyzes video footage, detects danger, and instantaneously alerts riders of collision threats in real-time

Fits Seamlessly on Any Bike

With two small cameras, a lightweight and unobtrusive processing unit, and LED strips mounted on each wing mirror, you’ll only notice Ride Vision is there when it’s keeping you safe.


Easy & Practical

Easy to install on any brand or model bike

Customizable, highly visible, non-intrusive LED alerts

Weather & steam proof IP69K

3 hour continuous – loop recording

Compact, auto-recording wide-angle cameras

Watch Ride Vision in Action

Features & Alerts

Forward Collision

Distance Keeping Alert

Blind Spot Alert

Dangerous Overtake Alert

Auto Video Recording

Accident Video Lock

Video Preview


Fun Video Clip Editor
Coming Soon

Emergency Call
& More Alerts
Coming Soon

What Riders Say

Ride Vision allows riders to stay even safer on the road with advanced and fun safety features and ongoing mobile app updates so that you can make the most out of every ride.

Ride Vision LITE

  • Forward Collision Alert
  • Distance (proximity) Keeping Alert
  • Blind Spot Alert
  • Dangerous Overtake Alert
  • Auto-Video recording

Ride Vision PRO

Everything in Lite version and periodic upgrades for subscribed users only:

  • Video Lock (Accident)
  • Bluetooth Sync
  • Video Editor
  • Video Preview
  • Auto Sync Rides
  • Super Fast Rides Sync
  • Emergency Call
  • Auto Fun Video Clip
  • Last Ride Highlights Video Clip
  • Periodical Reporting Dashboard
  • Bluetooth audio alerts
  • And more…

Ride Vision Mirrors

Optional add-on accessory

  • Streamlined replacement wing mirror with fully-integrated LED warning lights
  • DIY install
  • No need to add attachments to existing mirrors


With Ride Vision 1

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