Ride Vision’s technology does much more than prevent accidents – It can securely collect ride data, record evidence, and even increase a rider’s general awareness. Our technology is lifesaving, educational, and fun.


The automotive industry has gone through a safety and technology revolution in the last few years, and now the same is happening for the motorcycle industry. Don’t get left behind, be a part of the revolution. 

Offer an innovative safety element

Increase rider safety

Lead a motorcycle safety revolution


Researches show that installing an accident prevention systems in cars reduces the chances of a forward collision by 27%. Offering Ride Vision to your customers will help reduce accidents, which means less payouts, and happier customers.

Collect ride telematics

Record accident evidence

Reduce claims & payouts

Offer premium discounts

Shops & Dealers

Become a certified Ride Vision reseller and installer to offer your customers the latest in accident prevention technology, and make them happier and safer on the road.

Introduce innovative technology

Upsell to current and existing customers

Grow customer base

Increase customer satisfaction

Fleet Mgmt.

Controlling a large number of two-wheelers can get complicated. With Ride Vision alerts, video footage, and riding stats, you can ensure your team is safe and your company is protected.

Reduce insurance costs

Record accident evidence

Learn rider behavior

Reduce accidents