Safety for everyone on the road

The 2-wheeler, and electric micro vehicle markets are booming. It’s time to keep all riders safe


The automotive industry has undergone a safety and technology revolution in the last few years, and most new cars have factory-installed safety features. Sadly, the motorcycle industry is lagging behind.

Ride Vision is already in production and being used by riders – be a front-runner in the motorcycle safety revolution by providing cyclists with this added layer of protection straight off the assembly line.

Install Ride Vision and use the same platform for alerts, cameras, traffic recognition and more all for one price

The cameras can be used for recreational recording as well, eliminating the need to purchase a Go Pro or other equipment

Increase rider safety and reduce the likelihood of accidents by 60%


Installing an accident prevention system in cars reduces the chances of a forward collision by 27%. While motorcycle collision avoidance solutions are not yet widespread, those using them are seeing even better results, with up to 60% accident reduction. Offer Ride Vision to your customers to reduce accidents, meaning fewer payouts for you and happier customers.


Collect ride telematics for more accurate policy-pricing

Record accident evidence

Reduce claims & payouts

Offer premium discounts

Shops & Dealers

By becoming a certified Ride Vision reseller and installer, you can offer your customers the latest in accident prevention technology. Give your business a competitive edge while making your customers happier and safer on the road.


Introduce innovative technology

Upsell to current and existing customers

Grow your customer base

Increase customer satisfaction

Fleet Mgmt.

Covid sparked a huge appetite for home deliveries (and returns) in the food, electrical goods, clothing, and other industries. As such, fleet operators are increasingly managing large numbers of motorcycles and e-bikes as opposed to the trucks and vans of former years.

Ride Vision helps you to manage large volumes of two-wheelers and ensure rider safety and good riding practices. Use real-time alerts, video footage, and riding stats to monitor, educate and protect your riders and keep your company’s reputation intact.

Reduce insurance costs

Record accident evidence

Learn rider behavior

Reduce accidents with training and additional safety measures

Automatically call for emergency response if necessary

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