Safety for everyone
on the road

The 2-wheeler, and electric micro vehicle markets are booming. It’s time to keep all riders safe

As 2 and 3-wheeled vehicles grow in popularity around the world, Ride Vision is helping these vulnerable road users stay safe

80% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050

Traffic and parking are major problems in cities worldwide

Ride-sharing has decreased in popularity since Covid

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Get on Board!

Whether you are a manufacturer, insurer, dealership or fleet operator, you have an essential part to play in ensuring a safer future for those riding smaller vehicles.


The automotive industry has undergone a safety and technology revolution in the last few years, and most new cars have factory-installed safety features. Sadly, the motorcycle industry is lagging behind.

Ride Vision is already in production and being used by riders – be a front-runner in the motorcycle safety revolution by providing cyclists with this added layer of protection straight off the assembly line.

  • Increase rider safety and reduce the likelihood of accidents by 60%
  • A unified platform with multiple functions for alerts, cameras traffic recognition and more all for one price 
  • The cameras can be used for recreational recording as well, eliminating the need to purchase a Go Pro or other equipment


Installing an accident prevention system in cars reduces the chances of a forward collision by 27%. While motorcycle collision avoidance solutions are not yet widespread, those using them are seeing even better results, with up to 60% accident reduction. Offer Ride Vision to your customers to reduce accidents, meaning fewer payouts for you and happier customers.

  • Collect ride telematics for more accurate policy-pricing
  • Record accident evidence
  • Reduce claims & payouts
  • Offer premium discounts

Shops & Dealers

By becoming a certified Ride Vision reseller and installer, you can offer your customers the latest in accident prevention technology. Give your business a competitive edge while making your customers happier and safer on the road.

  • Introduce innovative technology
  • Upsell to current and existing customers
  • Grow your customer base
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Fleet Mgmt.

Covid sparked a huge appetite for home deliveries (and returns) in the food, electrical goods, clothing, and other industries. As such, fleet operators are increasingly managing large numbers of motorcycles and e-bikes as opposed to the trucks and vans of former years.

Ride Vision helps you to manage large volumes of two-wheelers and ensure rider safety and good riding practices. Use real-time alerts, video footage, and riding stats to monitor, educate and protect your riders and keep your company’s reputation intact.

  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Record accident evidence
  • Learn rider behavior
  • Reduce accidents with training and additional safety measures
  • Automatically call for emergency response if necessary

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