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Ride Vision is a technology company that has built the first ARAS (Advanced Rider Assistance System), which keeps riders aware of potential threats around them in real-time so they can ride more safely, and enjoy the ride. 

The 2 HD cameras mounted on the vehicle transmit footage to the main unit (ECU) where our algorithm detects any threat around the vehicle. When a threat is detected, the non-intrusive Alert Indicators mounted on the mirrors notify the rider of the threat and the direction it is coming from as it happens. See the video here

Our product is brand agnostic. It can be fitted and installed onto any motorcycle or scooter, old or new, big or small.

We promise the price will be affordable to everyone, the price will be announced when we launch officially. Get the news first by signing up to get the latest updates.

Ride Vision 1 is available in Italy and Israel with more markets coming soon.

We will be selling our product using local dealers and retailers, if you wish to be one, please use the contact us here 

In each box you will find 2 cameras, cables, Alert indicators, main unit (ECU), installation accessories and the user manual.

The main unit is connected to the vehicle battery, which means you’ll never have to worry about charging the product. When connected, the system uses less battery power than charging your mobile phone.

Yes, it does. With 2 HD cameras mounted on the front and rear, each ride is automatically recorded and saved into the unit. When you finish riding, simply connect the app to the main unit via WiFi and download your last ride video. The videos are recorded in a loop (the new footage continuously overrides the older). The main unit can store up to 3 hours of footage.

Yes, all the parts of our product are IP69K certified. This means they can sustain rain, and high-pressure water jets or high-temperature steam (for when you clean your vehicle). Check out the video below:    

Each camera is 38x38x57mm, the main unit is 82x67x39mm, smaller than your mobile device.

Yes, the system can identify and provide alerts about threats even during nighttime. Check out the video below:    

Warranty is provided by the local retailer.

What if I need support?

No worries, just email us at support@ride.vision with your problem.

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