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Our Story

The creation of Ride Vision was the result of a meeting between two visionaries, Uri and Lior. As passionate motorcycle riders themselves, Uri and Lior knew that motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable on the road. While dozens of safety solutions geared toward car drivers exist on the market, there were few good options for riders.

It was time for a change.

Developing safety technology for two-wheeled vehicles was especially challenging because any onboard system must be lightweight, durable, non-distracting, and reliable. Additionally, in order to make a true impact, the product had to be affordable and user-friendly. The solution was to use small, lightweight components – such as cameras and LED strips – and harness the latest advances in image recognition and artificial intelligence.

Ride Vision’s components offer powerful technological capabilities in a small and unobtrusive package. Instead of focusing on protecting riders after a crash, like so many other products, Uri and Lior designed Ride Vision as a solution to help prevent crashes in the first place. As such, Ride Vision represents a true revolution in motorcycle safety with multiple use cases and benefits for leisure riders, commuters, insurance companies, fleet operators, manufacturers, and more.

Meet the Founders

Uri Lavi

Uri Lavi
CEO & Co-founder

Uri is a passionate visionary and experienced motorcyclist.

Before founding Ride Vision, Uri was the CEO at PicScout, leading the company through multiple pivotal changes culminating in its becoming the industry leader in visual content tracking and analysis. Uri has also held various leadership positions in companies ranging from startups to multinational corporations and has managed teams in the insurance and homeland security sectors.

Lior Cohen
CTO & Co-founder​

Lior is an avid motorcyclist and is passionate about combining artificial intelligence and user-friendly hardware to make motorcycling safer.

Prior to Ride Vision, Lior was VP of R&D at PicScout, where he led a team of visual algorithm researchers and engineers. In the past, Lior led various mobile and homeland security development teams working with complex algorithmic problems and identifying innovative solutions.

Ride Vision is backed by leading Venture Capital firms and T1’s

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