Our roads are changing… fast.
The brief history of human mobility is: Legs -> Horses -> Wagons -> Cars.

Despite the tiny fraction of existence on the history scale, just in the last decade only, cars have become extremely smart.

As we all know, our cars are increasingly becoming computers on 4 wheels packed with the latest and greatest technology to free the humankind from the mundane driving task.

However, while the cars innovation is soaring, there is a completely overlooked type of a vehicle on our roads – the 2-wheel variety.

The reason isn’t lack of market opportunity – motorcycle serve hundreds of millions of people as their transportation and recreation vehicle. The challenge has been technological. It’s technically challenging to provide any technology solution that adds cost, space or weight, or that requires multiple points of vision…. to a single, narrow motorcycle.

The need is also compelling. While there has been some motorcycles’ intrinsic innovation, the fact remains that motorcycles are prone to sever accidents and fatalities. Riders, who have to possess better driving skills than drivers, need to receive the same opportunity to benefit from technology innovation.

This is exactly why we created Ride Vision.

What if the motorcycles, and their riders, could be enhanced by the Predictive Vision of machines? Powered by the Predictive Vision of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision, motorcycles will extend the rider’s vision to predict 360 degree threats and help them enjoy the rid… but that’s a whole other dimension for a whole other post.

We know that motorcycles are unique vehicles & demand unique solutions.
We understand that motorcycles’ road behavior & threats analysis is different than cars.
We maintain the importance of motorcycles simplicity while augmenting it with the Predictive Vision.
We empower riders with additional safety instruments while extending seamlessly footage capturing & telematics derivation that are simply awesome, especially for the avid rider.

And that is exactly why we had to found Ride Vision:
To bring solutions built for Riders by the Riders – who also happen to be tech obsessives.

Welcome to our new road, with predictive vision.