Start Your Engines: Ride Vision Coming to the Motorcycle Market in 2020

Riders are very aware of the dangers of riding on the road. According to a recent study by the Insurance Information Institute, motorcycle riders are 29 times more likely to be involved in a fatal roadway accident than automotive passengers are. These devastating incidents can happen within milliseconds, and tragically, are often not even the rider’s fault. 

While shocking, these facts probably aren’t a surprise to most riders. Motorcyclists all over the world know what it’s like to be “invisible” on the road, yet our love for riding brings us back to it day after day, despite the risks.  

Fortunately, Ride Vision is here to help riders overcome that invisibility, and prevent distracted-driving accidents and roadway collisions before they happen. 

At Ride Vision, we’re proud to introduce the next major breakthrough in safe riding. Our Advanced Rider Assistance System (ARAS) is a compact, easy to use system that helps alert riders of potential threats around them in real-time.

Ride Vision – How it Works 

Proximity Alerts. 360° HD camera coverage provides superior motorcycle safety

Ride Vision uses two small wide-angle HD cameras mounted on the front and rear of the vehicle to detect roadway threats surrounding the rider. This footage is then transmitted to the motorcycle’s Electronic Computing Unit (ECU), where an advanced algorithm interprets crucial threats to the rider, and alerts them in real-time via LED indicators mounted within each mirror. Video example displays a mirror integration

These alerts are clear and visible (even on a sunny day), but subtle enough not to be distracting. The alert indicators are uniquely designed to keep the rider aware of serious collision hazards, while still being able to focus on the road. 


Ride Vision is proud to be an industry-leading technological development in the prevention of motorcycle crashes. In contrast to most current motorcycle safety products, Ride Vision stops collisions before they happen.  

Unlike traditional radar or LiDar technology, Ride Vision’s 360° HD camera coverage means that a motorcycle can be notified of a collision threat anywhere around them, and at any lean angle. This camera coverage is also saved on a continuous 2-hour loop recording (on internal storage alone), which the rider can access in the Ride Vision app. This footage begins automatically, which means riders don’t have to worry about remembering to turn their system on or charge them, and can use it to preserve memories, explore insurance discounts, or even as evidence in legal cases.

Ride Vision’s forward collision alert

The Ride Vision app also allows riders to record and share ride stats, access software updates, and modify their alert and personal settings (for example, if a rider prefers, they can set their Bluetooth helmets to receive both audio and visual collision alerts). 

Installation and Pricing 

Ride Vision easily fits onto any motorcycle make or model. The durable and compact design of the system means it can be installed with minimal effort, and never gets in the way. Ride Visions power source connects directly to all motorcycle and scooter batteries. However, the system uses minimal charge (less than a mobile phone!) so you never have to worry about being stranded with a drained battery. 

The price of a Ride Vision unit is one of the features that truly sets it apart in the market. For the cost of roughly a Go-Pro, and with easy payment plans available, all riders can enjoy this life saving technology. 

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