Ride Vision September updates

Being involved in a motorcycle accident, no matter the results, is always frustrating and sometimes even painful.

Painful to your body, your wallet or both.

Using Ride Vision, you are less likely to be involved in an accident, but as riders ourselves we know that in many cases, it’s not our fault. There are so many factors and causes to motorcycle-car accidents (learn how to avoid them), that the only thing you need is the evidence, to show your insurance and maybe even the authorities who’s fault is it.

Today we are updating our Android Ride Vision PRO app (V1.4.1) and the main unit (V1.0.5) to make your ride even safer and using our product easier (iOS coming soon).

What to expect? Automatic rides sync (Yay, Bluetooth!), A new Video Vault and video previews. Read on to learn more.

In order to enjoy all the goodness below, please make sure your main unit is up to date with the latest version (V1.0.5) and the Ride Vision mobile app is updated from Google Play.

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Here’s what’s new for our Ride Vision PRO users:

Video Vault (dashcam/ accident)

What does it do? Every time your bike falls while moving (so not in your garage), our system recognizes an accident. To make it easier for you to download the footage of the crash, it will automatically edit the video 30 seconds before and 30 seconds after the point of the crash.

How does it work? After you made sure everything is fine with you and your bike, and you exchanges details with the other vehicles involved, turn the motorcycle switch on to sync the last rides (just make sure it was turned off after the crash). You’ll see all your new rides including the crash ride, marked with a crash icon on the main screen. Click on the crash ride to see the location and stats and on the crash icon to download the crash video from both cameras. Since it’s only a minute of video footage, it shouldn’t take long.

Video Vault in the Ride Vision Pro app

Live Video Preview

Some of you don’t sync their rides too often (we ain’t mad), but will only do so when they were involved in something that needs to be seen again (accident, eye witnesses, a unicorn, etc.). But after not syncing rides for that long, you get a ton of rides to sift through and download, looking for that 5 seconds scene you want to save.

Starting now, our PRO version Android users (iOS coming soon) can preview the videos before even downloading them to their mobile phone.

How does it work? Once you synced your rides, and while connected to the main unit via Wi-Fi, click on the ride you want to preview, and look for the “preview” button on the video thumbnail. This will start playing the video and will allow you to scroll through the video to look for the part you wanted to see. Once you find the right video, download it to your mobile if needed and share it.

Automatic rides sync

Since we already know you might forget to manually sync rides with the app, we added a magical Auto Sync that works in the background via Bluetooth while your can keep on riding, with no hassle. Even if you decide to manually sync over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it will now be 10 times faster so we don’t keep you waiting.

How does it work? You don’t need to do anything, just enjoy the ride and open the mobile app periodically to see new rides and data.

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