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Ride Vision Collaborates with Italian Post to Enhance Courier Safety

Ride Vision will install its advanced CAT™ – Collision Aversion Technology driving assistance system, based on predictive vision algorithms, on some motorcycles and three-wheeled vehicles of the operating fleet of Poste Italiane in the City of Milan.

Developed in Israel and sold in Italy by Autobynet Srl, Ride Vision uses two wide angle HD cameras which cover the entire area around the motorcycle providing a 360 degree view with LED warning indicators mounted on the rear view mirrors, giving motorcyclists precious additional seconds to react and avoid danger.

Ride Vision uses a combination of image recognition and other algorithms based on artificial intelligence, making it the first comprehensive system able to monitor rolling position and in particular the motorcyclist’s behavior, helping him make critical decisions in real time, keeping his concentration on the road.

The experiment, which will be conducted over a period of three months, has the goal of verifying the benefits resulting from the introduction of active safety elements and providing useful information to the driver who is on duty through the functions which the system provides:

• Imminent frontal collision warning in case of sudden braking or distraction
• Maintaining safe distance from other vehicles in front
• Support in blind spots when next to cars, buses, or commercial vehicles
• Help in passing other vehicles and in lane changes due to city traffic

Through the analysis of warnings generated by the system and due to factors like traffic, narrow lanes, or bad road maintenance, Ride Vision and Autobynet Srl will be able to provide information about the most dangerous spots for motorcyclists in the City of Milan.

“This kind of experience is focused on a neglected area of business fleets to promote road safety. We are confident that the experiment will be able to demonstrate a significant benefit for the development of daily work activities on two-wheeled vehicles.” States Uri Lavi, CEO and co-founder of Ride Vision.

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