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Ride Vision and IDI Insurance partner to save riders’ lives in Israel

Herzliya, Israel— Ride Vision, the industry leading solution for motorcycle collision avoidance systems, today announced that it has partnered with Israel’s leading Insurance Company, IDI Insurance, after a successful pilot showing great results.

Recent tests conducted with a large automotive manufacturer has shown that using Ride Vision’s technology reduces the chances of fatal collision by 60%.

Following a very successful internal pilot, the new partnership comes to life during an alarming rise in two/three-wheeler fatalities in Israel, growing from 20 in 2020 to 44 in 2021, in roughly 6 months, costing the state of Israel more than 2B ILS every year. The internal pilot, objectively testing multiple IDI employees and vehicle types for their road behavior and product satisfaction based on their experience with the Ride Vision 1 product.

After the course of 4-6 weeks, IDI employees shared their satisfaction for the system, stating multiple features and alerts in the product are lifesaving and very useful, all while not distracting the riders’ focus from the road.

Ride Vision’s riding analysis from the pilot has shown great results:

  • Upon receiving a frontal Distance Keeping Alert, results show 25% – 63% relative speed reduction.
  • Upon receiving a Front Collision Alert, the results shown an immediate 10% reduction of the relative speed.
  • Looking into the stats, the Frontal Collision Alert was mostly active in an average speed of 35 km/h, as it shows that in urban environment the collision alert was active while on intercities and highways the distance keeping was more active.

The above results are aligned with a recent research published by the Florence University, showing that a speed reduction of 10km/h prior to a motorcycle accident, can reduce 25% of frontal collisions and the severity of the injury.


“The pilot results has shown what our internal tests have shown from the beginning and we are very pleased to partner with IDI Insurance”, says Ride Vision’s CEO & Co-Founder, Uri Lavi, “IDI customers will soon be able to enjoy both insurance benefits and extra safety”.

IDI Insurance head of Innovation and Technology, Raz Bartov added: “IDI Insurance is delighted to be in the forefront of innovation to keep creating new insurance models for all types of riders. Together with Ride Vision we would be able to offer new products to benefit the riders and fight the deadly statistics of rider fatalities in Israel.

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