Introducing Ride Vision’s Video Editor

On September 2021 we introduced a new way to preview your recorded videos, instead of downloading first and only then viewing.

Starting today, not only Ride Vision Pro users have to ability to preview the videos on their main unit, but they can also very easily extract a specific part they wish to save or share and save a lot of time.

To enjoy the new feature make sure your Ride Vision Pro mobile app is updated to the latest version on Google Play (V1.5.0).

How does it work?

  1. First, make sure your are connected to the main unit via Wi-Fi and have synchronized all your latest ride data (swipe down the rides screen).
  2. Choose the ride you wish to preview and edit.
  3. Click “Preview” and then the edit button (Scissors icon in the Preview screen).
  4. You are now editing that video! Videos are limited to a 3 minute maximum, so choose the start and finish point of your edited video using the bar below the video.
  5. When finished, click “Export” and wait for the video to save in the app.
  6. Final step- choose what to do with the file. We always recommend saving it to your gallery or download folder first, as it might be too large to send over email or instant messaging.

Enjoy the ride!

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