Introducing: Ride Vision’s Ride Advisors Network

As the industry leader in collision prevention advanced rider assistance systems (ARAS), Ride Vision is proud to announce our dedication to product improvement and customer service with the founding of our brand-new Ride Advisors Network. 

This dedicated network of advisors has been hand-picked from motorcyclists and industry leaders around the world to provide product feedback and increase customer satisfaction. Ride Advisors Network members perform crucial functions and enjoy exclusive access to Ride Vision’s new and developing tech. Member responsibilities and privileges include: 

  • VIP access to Ride Vision’s new and developing tech. Ride Advisors get priority access to our new and developing technologies. 
  • Invitation-only test rides. Ride Advisors are invited to use and test our most advanced products before they hit the market!  
  • Influence the product via Q&A sessions with our CEO, exclusive access to the Ride Vision company roadmap, and an open-door feedback policy.  
  • Saving lives by helping to shape the motorcycle safety industry. Not only do advisors shape the product, but they also become thought leaders by joining the Ride Vision PR and content efforts to re-educate the market about motorcycling collision prevention. 

Meet the Members

Nathan Rose: President, CEO, and Principal Accident Reconstructionist at Luminous Forensics in Colorado, USA. Author of Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction, published by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and SAE Accident Reconstruction course instructor.  

Thomas Haubold: Tempe Police Department detective with over twenty-six years of law enforcement experience spanning Patrol Division, Motorcycle Squad, Traffic Bureau, and the Vehicular Crimes Unit. Additionally, Detective Haubold has extensive training and experience in the area of fatal crash reconstruction. 

M.J. Ball: Motorsports marketing copywriter and Motorcycle Safety Foundation instructor. M.J. has written for publications like HOG Magazine, Motorcycle Classics, and Life at Lean, and has spent the last 20 years completely immersed in worldwide riding culture.

Daniel “Mitsu” Petri: Owner and editor of the popular “Mitsu on the Road” motorcycle blog and Ducati rider club president. rides a Ducati Diavel and a Suzuki Hayabusa.

Deimante Meilune: Motorcycle addict and unique content creator, Deimante (AKA @tomboy_a_bit) manages an impressive online community where she shares her love for motorcycles, gear, traveling, and much more.

Moshe Farhi: An advanced riding school instructor and owner, Moshe has been a test rider and editor for numerous motorcycle magazines, and has ridden and tested hundreds of street and off-road bikes. Additionally, Moshe was a founding member of the Israeli Streetbike Racing League in Israel, and has been an active racer in the league since 1998.

Aviad Avrahami: A former SuperMoto Champion, Aviad is the owner and editor of Full-Gaz, the leading motorcycle magazine in Israel. He is also a riding instructor at one of Israel’s top riding schools, and a motorcycle engineering school teacher. 

Bob Henig: The owner of Bob’s BMW, an Authorized BMW Motorcycle Dealership that is known worldwide and is based in Maryland, USA. Bob has been active in and passionate about motorcycling safety for nearly 30 years, and helped to found the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s sidecar training class.

Become a Ride Advisor

Interested in helping to save riders’ lives? Ride Vision is currently accepting applications to join Ride Advisors Network. Interested applicants can apply by emailing

Applicants must have a combination of two or more of the following: 15+ years experience riding a 500cc+ motorcycle, long-term corporate/mechanical or industry experience, long-term cultural or motorcycling community experience or management (including online communities), and a commitment to advancing motorcycling safety. 

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