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Best Motorcycle YouTube Channels for New Motorcycle Riders

Anyone whose ever been on two wheels knows it’s addicting… one minute you’re buying your first bike, and the next you’ve spent 9 hours cruising gear reviews and making a mental shopping list of all the cool new things you need (not want!). 

If you’ve already read our last blog on the Top Motorcycle Safety Statistics – And How to Avoid Becoming One, this blog will help you stay safer on the road so you don’t join the statistic.

Fortunately, we’re here to help grow your knowledge and enable your addiction by providing the TOP motorcycling gear, training, and all-around FUN channels that YOU should subscribe to. Check them out below! 

Top Motorcycle Channels for New Riders 

  1. Fort Nine Motorcycle Riding — Training, Reviews, Travel + More 

This witty Canadian vlogger burst onto the YouTube motorcycle scene in 2016. His now hundreds of videos cover everything from gear reviews to safety drills, and contain a healthy dose of clever humor and Canadian culture.  

  1. Motorcyclist Magazine — General Motorcycle Information

Motorcyclist Magazine is a part of motorcycling history. This publication has been providing the world with motorcycle news and reviews since 1912, and their YouTube channel is helping to keep up this tradition. Shop products and check out their new daily videos. 

  1. It’s a Fine Line — Safety and Training 

This motorcycle safety Facebook page and YouTube channel contains an impressive variety of training content. Based in Washington State, their video hosts range from Motorcycle Safety Instructors to racers, and Law Enforcement Officers. This channel’s overall mission is to bring the number of motorcyclist deaths in Washington to zero through a combined effort of awareness and training. 

  1. Revzilla — Gear and Motorcycle Reviews, Safety, How-To’s

Revzilla is known for being one of the best online retailers of motorcycling gear and products in the world, but they also have an impressive YouTube channel as well! Their videos include everything from thorough product reviews to informative motorcycling how-to’s. Be forewarned though — most review videos contain a link to buy their product, so hide your wallet!  

  1. MotoJitsu — Training, Gear, and Motorcycle Movies  (YT) Street Riding Training

Based in San Diego, California, MotoJitsu is a motorcycling YouTube channel dedicated to inspiring riders to “wear full gear, take courses, and practice in order to reduce crashes on public roads.” This channel features an impressive collection of motorcycle training videos, covering topics like body positioning, cornering techniques, and group riding etiquette. 

  1. Yammie Noob  — Motorcycle Culture + Education

“Where internet culture and motorcycle culture collide.” Don’t let the name of this channel fool you, Yammie Noob is arguably one of the most experienced, informative, and popular motorcycle YouTube channels out there. 

  1. — Motorcycle Reviews 

One of the original online motorcycling resources, was founded in 1994 and boasts a YouTube channel full of high-quality motorcycle reviews. If you’re shopping for a new bike, curious about a product comparison, or just looking for more information — this channel covers virtually every make and model of motorcycle on the market. 

  1. RIDE Adventures — ADV Riding + Tours

Motorcycling adventures can happen on the dirt just as easily as on the road, and that’s why RIDE Adventures is the perfect fit for any rider who’s interested in the ADV lifestyle. This channel is hosted by the worldwide Ride Adventures touring company, and focuses on showcasing incredible trips from around the world. Whether you’re new to dirt or a seasoned dual-sport rider, this channel hosts a variety of inspiring and educational videos. 

  1. MOTORESS — Women’s Motorcycling  

MOTORESS is the ultimate lifestyle resource for the motorcycling world’s fastest-growing demographic — women! This female-focused website covers all things motorcycle related. Read stories, get tips, and even join the annual International Female Ride Day.

Page we recommend: International Female Ride Day 

  1. MCrider Instructor Based Training

This training and strategy focused channel features weekly videos that are hosted by former Motorcycle Safety Foundation and Total Control instructor Kevin Morris. Kevin’s videos teach heavily on road-riding techniques and safety hazards, with a constant focus on continuing education and collision avoidance. 

Any motorcyclist knows that to stay safe while riding requires a combination of education, training, and effective gear. Subscribe to the channels above to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in motorcycling training, and check back in at Ride Vision often for product updates!

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