Are You Ignoring Your Bike’s Safety Systems? A CMC Study Sheds Light on the Issue, but Ride Vision Offers a Comprehensive Solution

A recent study by the Connected Motorcycles Consortium, as brought by motosport found that most of us are oblivious to the safety warning systems on our bikes. 

Wait a minute, what are these systems that CMC study is talking about?

The only available system by manufacturers today is mostly around ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) function. In rare cases some models will have a BSW (Blind Spot Warning) function.

The study found that almost ⅕ of participants didn’t notice the warnings provided on the dash of a bike.It comes as no surprise; Warnings delivered on the dash of the bike don’t provide a comprehensive insight on a potential hazard.

Unfortunately, Ride Vision’s system wasn’t part of the study. Ride Vision’s system is a comprehensive safety system with Forward Collision, Distance Keeping, Blind Spot and Dangerous Overtake Warnings. We at Ride Vision started solving the warning mechanism already in our early days of the system’s development, knowing that it is imperative that warning alerts will be seen by all.

Our warning alerts have been carefully crafted after extensive research and riders’ input.

Surprisingly they are simple, yet very effective. 

How effective is it? Not only seen by 100% of all our customers in different weather and day/night conditions, but furthermore when analyzing the riding data, we clearly see that most of our customers (riders) actually change their riding behavior following the Ride Vision warning alerts. 

Only on the frontal collisions we see ~95% reaction that results in speed reductions or aversions. 

Selecting the right alerts mechanism, the right safety functions and implementing them based on the riding patterns for end customers (after all a motorbike isn’t a passenger car) is the pioneering work that Ride Vision lays out in the field of safety for 2-wheelers.

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