5 International Motorcycle Tours You NEED to Take

Virtually every rider out there dreams about taking a big motorcycle trip somewhere. Whether it’s the Dolomites of Italy, U.S. National Parks, or the sweeping landscapes of Patagonia — the world has a lot to offer an adventurer on two wheels… 

Check out OUR favorite all-time tours below for inspiration, and to plan your next trip!

Image Credit: Moto Patagonia

1. Moto Patagonia

Discover the breathtaking landscapes and endless beauty of Patagonia with a fully-guided tour from one of the most specialized companies out there. Ranging from 3-day trips to 16-day epic adventures, these tours will take you through the jagged Andes mountains and past the crystal-clear lakes of Argentina and Chile. 

Moto Patagonia prides themselves in helping riders overcome the sometimes challenging terrain on their trips (many of which conclude at the “end of the world!”). Their teams consist of experienced riders that have handpicked these stunning routes specifically to reveal the most breathtaking and secluded areas of the region. 

Image Credit: Adrenaline Rush Trails FB

2. Adrenaline Rush Trails

Discover luscious, green jungle roads, mysterious ancient ruins, and a sparkling crystal coast when you ride through the natural wonders of Vietnam! Adrenaline Rush Trails offers a selection of some of the most unique roads on the planet with tours ranging from 6 to 21 days!

Here, you’ll explore the Ho Chi Minh Trail, Phong Nha Loop, and many other iconic routes and the cultural experiences that come with them. With a vast range of rental choices (from Royal Enfield Interceptor 650s to the BMW R1200GS), there are sizes and styles to fit any rider who wants to experience the magic of Vietnam.

Image Credit: MotoQuest – India Tour

3. MotoQuest

MotoQuest boasts an impressive catalog of options for adventurous riders, with hand-picked tours that showcase some of the best routes, locations, and events to find in more than 15 countries (including the U.S., Mongolia, Mexico, Japan, India, and South Africa!). 

MotoQuest tours are well-loved and highly recommended by riders across the global community, due in no small part to the fun-loving attitude they bring to riding and exploration, not to mention the attention they put into planning meaningful and inspiring events and activities during each and every ride. 

Image Credit: South Pacific Motorcycle Tours

4. South Pacific Motorcycle Tours

Based in the remote paradise of New Zealand, South Pacific Motorcycle Tours has been providing award-winning motorcycle experiences for almost 20 years. Riders travel from all around the world to embark on GPS self-guided tours, or fully-guided adventures through untouched landscapes with the latest equipped adventure motorcycles. It’s safe to say that one knows the awe-inspiring trails and roads of New Zealand’s idyllic mountainous scenery as well as the locals from South Pacific Motorcycle Tours.

Photo Credit: Edelweiss Bike Travel

5. Edelweiss Bike Travel 

No list of two-wheeled tours would be complete without Edelweiss Bike Travel! Founded in 1980, Edelweiss holds the impressive title of the #1 guided touring company for motorcycles and scooters worldwide.

While their tour options span across the globe, one of the most popular choices among riders is consistently their Alps exploration packages, and it’s easy to see why… The Alps Mountain range attracts motorcyclists to some of the most breathtaking and beautiful roads that Switzerland, Austria, France, and Italy have to offer. Depending on the skill level and preference of riding pace, Edelweiss offers several action-packed Alps motorcycle tours that can be enjoyed over 1 or 2 weeks. Riders on these routes will get to experience firsthand the world-famous Stelvio Pass, unbelievable heights of the Grossglockner, and of course, great photo opportunities at the lakes of Garda and Como! 

Guided motorcycle tours are a great way to eliminate the stress and anxiety that can come with planning an epic motorcycle trip, especially abroad. By trusting experienced riders that know the destinations, challenges, routes, and best cultural avenues — you’ll be able to focus solely on creating memories and enjoying the ride!  

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