10 Motorcycle Products Straight from the Future

There are few better ways to express yourself than by riding a motorcycle. Motorcycling is a highly customizable sport, with bikes and gear offering almost endless opportunities for riders to make them their own. 

Some of these opportunities though, seem to be straight from the future! Check out our list of top motorcycle tech below to get a glimpse into some of the most impressive modifications and riding technologies available on the market today. 

If you are looking for cool gadgets to make your riding life easier check our our The 10 Best Motorcycle Gadgets Money Can Buy or simply join our community to ask questions.

10 Motorcycle Products Straight from the Future

1. Adaptive Headlights

The designer of “the world’s first dynamically Adaptive Motorcycle Headlight™” — J.W. Speaker’s new Adaptive 2 headlights are designed to be the solution to visibility issues while cornering. Instead of being left with the traditional “dark spot” in the road while turning, J.W. Speaker’s Adaptive Headlights use an onboard intelligence system that senses a motorcycle’s lean angle. This system then “tunes” the headlight system to fill the entire rider’s pathway with light, illuminating the road and increasing visibility. 

2. Motorcycle Stability Control 

Recently Bosch has developed a motorcycle stability control (MSC) system that takes the guesswork, and allegedly at least part of the risk, out of cornering. The system analyzes vehicle data like torque, lean angle, and acceleration to determine if the rider is in danger of losing control of the motorcycle. If the system determines that this type of risk is present, in a corner for example, it will stabilize the bike by increasing or decreasing brake pressure automatically.

3. Hill Start Control  

We’ve all had a moment of panic as new riders when we start off on a hill. Coordinating the brakes, clutch, and throttle can be challenging even for experienced riders — which is why BWM has developed their “Hill Start Control.” The system works by applying just enough brake pressure to keep the motorcycle from rolling backward, even if the rider has released both motorcycle brakes. This technology is currently available on the BMW K1600 GTL Exclusive, K1600 GT/GTL, and R1200 RT. KTM’s similar technology, “Hill Hold Control” is also available on their 1290 Super Adventure. 

4. Moto Sat Nav

Motorcycle navigation has come a long way since the days of taping a map to your tank bag, and with Beeline Moto’s Sat Nav system it’s come even further. This simple navigation system mounts directly to a rider’s handlebars and offers clear, concise visual direction prompts that can be understood at-a-glance. The system interfaces directly with the Beeline App, which is available for both iOS and Android phones. 

5. Domio Helmet Audio

Some riders prefer a quiet helmet when they ride. Some listen to music, and some create their own music (we don’t judge). But for those who are a fan of more traditional tunes while on the road, there’s the Domio Moto Helmet Audio System. Praised as “the top-rated helmet audio system hands down” —  the Domio system is compatible with almost all helmet makes and models, and boasts a 24-hour battery life, Bluetooth 5.0, and over 100dB of sound output. 

6. Smart Brake Module

Every rider knows that visibility is key to safety, and almost anything that increases visibility as a rider could potentially increase safety. The Safer Turn “Smart Brake Module” was founded based on that concept, and is an easy to use and versatile electronic device that turns your steady brake light into a pulsating beam when your bike is decelerating. Unlike most aftermarket brake light kits though, the “Smart Brake Module” uses accelerometer and motion detection sensors to determine and react to downshifting and engine braking. That means this unique module flashes any time the bike is decelerating, not just when the brakes are applied.  

7. Smart Turn Signal

Brought to you by the same company that produces the “Smart Brake Module,” the “Smart Turn Signal” works off of the same concept design of utilizing an in-system algorithm to analyze ride data and trigger automatic functions. When the “Smart Turn Signal” system is installed, turn indicators are automatically canceled after maneuvers like lane changes, turns, or roundabout exits.  

8. Raylier Jackets

Arguably no other product takes riders closer to becoming “one with the bike” than Raylier jackets. This Kickstarter company is the first of its kind to integrate motorcycle signals with rider protective wear. Raylier jackets feature 8 rechargeable LED’s that are integrated directly into a durable leather riding jacket, which then visually transmits rider actions like turn signals, braking, and even warning lights.   

9. Lightmode 

Nothing could complete a high-vis outfit better than an illuminated helmet, and with Lightmode purchasers can customize their own lid with just a few clicks. The company features specific helmet light accessory packs that are both fixed and customizable, and compatible with all helmet makes and models. 

10. Ride Vision

While being visible as a rider is important, it’s even more important to be aware of what is happening on the road around you. Ride Vision is a product that perfectly combines fun and safety features. Non-intrusive mirror-mounted visual alerts notify riders of possible collision threats, while two wide-angle cameras record continuous-footage coverage and stats of your ride (which riders can access via the Ride Vision app). Best of all — the entire system is hooked directly to the two-wheeler’s battery, which begins recording automatically when the bike is turned on and pulls the same amps as a standard phone charger!

No matter how advanced riding technology gets, motorcyclists must always make the decision to ride responsibly while on the road. Some tech may not fit with your riding style, while other technologies may need more time, testing, and development before they can be fully trusted to be safe. Ultimately it’s up to each rider to determine what riding advancements suit them best, and help them best express their own unique style.

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  • This article is by no means a recommendation to purchase any of the mentioned products or a verification to their performance and quality.

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