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Saving Riders' Lives

Our Mission

At Ride Vision, our mission is to save riders’ lives. Our groundbreaking product was designed to combine image recognition and artificial intelligence to prevent motorcycle collisions. We are committed to providing riders with this accessible, affordable, and lifesaving technology.

Our Vision

We know riders, because we are riders. We aspire to prevent motorcycle collisions worldwide, because our vision is personal — to ensure that every rider comes home safe at the end of each ride. 

Our Future

We’re revolutionizing the motorcycle safety industry. Our company combines a love of riding with a passion for technology. We’re the industry leaders in AI-based collision prevention, and we intend to stay that way by providing superior service and product improvements to our consumers and retailers. 

Founded by Riders, for Riders

Developing safety technology for two-wheeled vehicles is notoriously difficult. Any type of onboard system must be lightweight, durable, advanced, non-distracting, and reliable. Additionally, the product must be affordable, and user-friendly enough for any rider to install and use.

Uri and Lior were passionate though about motorcycling safety, and technology — so they were up to the challenge!

Together they invented the first of it’s kind system that uses image recognition and artificial intelligence to predict roadway threats to motorcyclists.

Most two-wheeler safety products focus on protecting a rider after a crash, whereas Ride Vision was founded to prevent the crash in the first place.

Ride Vision is a true revolution in motorcycling safety, and has opened a world of possibilities to help riders learn, grow, and even document their rides.

Everyone from business owners to insurance companies and commuters can benefit from this revolutionary new product. Explore a full feature breakdown and the lifesaving benefits of Ride Vision on our Tech and Product pages, and check back often for new deals and industry-leading updates!

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Uri Lavi

Uri Lavi

CEO & Co-founder

Uri is a passionate visionary and an experienced motorcyclist.
Before Ride Vision, Uri was the CEO at PicScout, which he led the company through multiple pivotal changes, which resulted in them becoming the industry leader in visual content tracking and analysis
Prior to joining PicScout, Uri held leadership positions at a variety of other companies, ranging from startups to multinational corporations. He has also managed teams in the insurance and homeland security sectors.
Uri holds a B.Sc. in Software Engineering from the Technion

Lior Cohen

CTO & Co-founder

Lior is an avid motorcyclist, and is passionate about combining artificial intelligence and user-friendly hardware to make motorcycling safer.
Before Ride Vision, Lior was the VP of Research and Development at PicScout, where he lead a team of visual algorithm researchers and engineers.
Prior to that Lior lead mobile and homeland security development teams which also worked with complex algorithmic problems (and identifying innovative solutions).
Lior holds a M.Sc. in Information System Engineering from Ben Gurion University.

Ride Vision is backed by leading Venture Capital firms and T1’s

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